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The #1
Garland-Making System
in America

Now YOU Can Make Quality Garlands
Expertly & Quickly

Your Classico Garland Maker comes with enough cord and wire to make approximately 300 feet of garland. Additional cord and wire supplies are always available from us.

Backed by more than 40 years of experience within the floral industry, we know just how labor intensive making garland by hand can be. That's why we invented the Garland Making System, the only one of its kind on the market!             

Garland Making system


Classico Garland Machine
Classico Garland Lead Cord (300ft.-100 yds)
Classico Garland Wrapping Wire (687ft.-229 yds)

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Technical Instructions
How to use your ClassicoGarland Making System

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There's Nothing Else Quite Like It:

• Hundreds of uses to excite your imagination and creativity.
• There is no more convenient, inexpensive way to make custom garland.
• Use the #1 Garland Making System in America
• Use for your holidays, weddings, or parties
•  Save time, save money, and save labor
• The average user can produce one yard of quality garland per minute with the             Classico System.
• Fast, easy operation. It requires no special training and is adaptable to a right-             handed or left-handed user.
• Built with unmatched quality from industrial strength materials, lasting, and durable.
• Packaged in an attractive custom-designed carton -- Perfect for storage when not in use.
• Shipping weight: 7lbs. Dimensions: H: 11" x W: 4.5" x L: 19"
• Made Completely in the USA
• The  Classico System is a registered trademark. 
• The  Classico System is patented. 

The Garland-Making System Includes:

Classico Garland Machine
Classico Garland Lead Cord (300 Feet-100 Yards)
Classico Garland Wrapping Wire (687 Feet-229 Yards)


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